Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

by Rick Diffley on June 30, 2014

Seattle Museum Scarfs


Finding a distinctive shot, be it a macro flora shot, landscape, or street photography, is about creating images that set themselves apart from the ordinary, and uninteresting, that many photographer’s capture. One way to get a distinctive shot is seen in looking for exceptional contrast.

Scarf’s From the Seattle Museum

With the above shot, contrast is seen in the various colors and line direction with each scarf.


Coupeville, Washington Pier Building…

In this shot, the contrast of bright red painted building against the dark, black windows, is visually very effective.

Two Brown leafs

Transparent Leafs…

With this shot, there’s a nice interplay created by the contrast of the two different sizes. 



Besides the size difference and structure of the two coneflowers, you can create or add contrast by varying your f/stop to focus the viewers attention by blurring the background. Finally, as the photographer, you can wisely choose the right shot in post processing to convert the final image to black and white.

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AngelineM June 30, 2014 at 8:38 PM

The photo of the scarves is especially appealing to me. The lines and colors are captivating.


Cindi July 1, 2014 at 12:12 PM

Beautiful images. I like the texture of the scarves, but I think the transparent leaves are my favorite!


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